SSIS Connector for Microsoft CRM

Our connectors are based on a decade of development experience with Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and its precursors. They are used in medium-sized enterprises as well as in large companies. They are fully developed and tried and tested in practice. All connectors have the following features in common:

Complete implementation of Data Source and Data Destination
Full integration into the Visual Studio tool pallet
System-conforming implementation with connection managers
High performance


This product helps to integrate Microsoft CRM into the SQL Server Integration Services data flows, with the connector acting either as a source (read) or as a destination (write). The connector uses the Microsoft CRM metadata model. The following of its features are offered for configuration:

Standard and custom objects
The relevant attributes
n:n relations
System attributes (e.g. ownerid, state/status etc.)

When used as a data destination, the connector supports:

As a unique highlight it also provides the synchronizing of picklists with key lists from other systems

Now supports advanced features of Microsoft CRM 2011 and SQL Server 2012  
There are two versions of the connector available:

Version 2.1 of Team4 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector for SSIS works with CRM 4.0 and also with CRM 2011 in compatibility mode without any cutbacks. It is designed to run on SQL Server 2008 R2.

Version 3.0 supports additional native CRM 2011 functions (i.e. Global Option Sets etc.). This new version was consequently redesigned for SQL Server 2012 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. If you decide to purchase a license of version 2.1 you will be granted a free one-time upgrade right for the new version for SQL Server 2012. All users of the connector's version 2.1 will have the option to upgrade their software and migrate existing SSIS packages to version 3.0. In line with an existing maintenance agreement the new software version will be shipped at no extra charge.

You can also obtain the new connector as a quality assured release candidate if you are already developing your data flows with SQL Server 2012 RC0 or higher.  


The connector is licensed per (virtual) server. The sales price excluding VAT is EUR 4600. For reseller pricing or volume discounts please contact us

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